About the founder

I am Sharn Atherton, founder and Managing Director of Futureful - a Coaching and Development consultancy.  I have worked in Learning and Development for over 20 years across a range of sectors including; legal, utilities, financial services and food retail.

I first came across learning and development early in my career at Powergen, I immediately felt that I had found something that could fulfil my core value of helping others, I was drawn to the use of powerful questions, listening, challenging and really focusing on the individual to create a change that’s both transformative and enlightening. This has remained at the core of what I do, whether it be through one to one coaching, team coaching, developing others to coach or facilitating workshops/ events, coaching philosophy is at the heart.

Setting out on my own

Running my own business had always been an ambition of mine and one I have come close to on a few occasions. When studying with Barefoot Coaching for my PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching I realised that this is what I really wanted to do! I had let fear of the unknown, giving up the security of a regular salary and having a supporting team around me prevent me from taking this important step. So, after a fantastic trip away with the family at Easter 2018, I decided I took the decision to take that big, scary, exciting and unknown step to becoming my own boss!

Why do I do what I do?

I really do enjoy supporting others to grow and develop, seeing others succeed, fulfilled and happy with who they are and what they are doing. I work with my clients both on a one to one basis or as part of team / group. Before I jump in with a solution, I take time to understand my client’s strategy and vision, their challenges, culture and aspirations. This ensures the investment they make in time and money is of value to their business and its people.

My approach enables me to build strong, solid relationships built on trust. I believe in putting people at ease and using insightful questions. I use the power of listening to really understand my client’s challenges and facilitate their thinking to unravel and identify the real issues and solutions that may not always be obvious. I often call myself a facilitator of thinking, to help my clients create solutions and actions based on deep thinking and reflection.

When working with teams or groups I get a real buzz and energy from facilitating groups of all sizes. Seeing them engaged, taking them on a learning journey to open up new thinking and possibilities. I also deliver development programmes and offer continuous support to embed learning and new skills to facilitate growth and change. Making a difference to individuals and businesses.

I focus on outcomes

Defining and focusing on outcomes is an important part of the process and I support my clients in clarifying their outcomes through listening, challenging and reflecting where they are now and where they want to be.

I have had the privilege of being part of many people’s journeys and seeing them achieve their personal and professional goals, which have included:

  • A manager overcoming their limiting beliefs to increase sales

  • A senior executive following a new career path focused around their core values

  • Senior manager building highly effective relationships to challenge upwards and gain trust from the Senior team

  • Supporting Senior Lawyers and Partners in developing their strengths and behaviours leading to successful promotions

  • Supporting leaders transitioning into a new role

  • Developing a coaching mindset in leaders and seeing the positive impact in engagement, well being and performance.

  • Supporting a small business owner in unlocking the blockers to make decisions and move forward to grow a business through uncertain times

  • Creating a culture of coaching transforming relationships, building and empowering teams and increasing business performance.