Our Coaching

Whether one to one or in a team, planned to an objective or 'just in time' to solve a problem, our coaching services can be tailored to you and your business.

If you would like to explore how coaching can support you in achieving your goals, please get in touch to arrange a 45 minute complimentary session.


One to One 

One to one coaching programmes work towards agreed, clear objectives tailored to the individual. They offer a comprehensive package of support and are useful where an individual is working towards long term goals or developing new behaviours.

A typical programme includes: 

  • Initial chemistry meeting for the client and coach

  • Contracting meeting between the client, their manager or sponsor and the coach to agree objectives and ways of working

  • Typically, 4-6 sessions of 90 minutes to two-hours in duration over a defined period

  • Ongoing support in-between sessions

Coaching programmes can:

  • Enhance existing skills and develop new approaches to working

  • Help individuals understand the impact of their approach on others

  • Enable the questioning of preconceived ideas and limiting beliefs to break habits and change behaviours

  • Develop emotional intelligence to understand their own values and motivations

  • Provide an honest and objective sounding board in a safe place to discuss issues

  • Give space to think strategically and explore new perspectives to challenges they may face

Team coaching

Similar to one to one coaching, team coaching provides a facilitated thinking space for teams to explore their goals and challenges together. Clear objectives are set prior to the coaching to provide clarity for all participants.


Team coaching can:

  • Develop and build relationships to improve team dynamics and ways of working

  • Enable individuals to understand themselves and others

  • Focus on strategy creation and/or delivery

  • Overcome challenges and blockers to team performance

  • Embed new skills and behaviours

  • Enhance engagement

Team Meeting
Woman on Phone

Just in time coaching

This service provides access to coaching when it is needed to give thinking space and facilitate solutions for individuals and teams.


In the current climate of rapid change and uncertainty having a sounding board when challenges happen enable you to respond in a considered way and avoid knee jerk reactions that may have negative consequences for the business and your people later on.  


Just in time coaching can:


  • Support leaders in managing and motivating remote teams

  • Help with planning a return to the workplace

  • Support the communication of changes to the business / team

  • Facilitate the creation of strategies in gaining buy in for the new normal

  • Support in overcoming beliefs and fears to take action

  • Create a calm thinking space to consider things from different perspectives