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Future Fit Organisations

What does this look like for you and your teams?

Over the last few weeks Steve Harrison, Susan Mabbott and I have shared some insightful posts that reflect our many conversations about future fit leadership and organisations and the shift from mediocre to excellence.

The transition back to the workplace, preparing to thrive in a volatile world and continuing to build remote working practices requires a people centred approach. One that Focuses on engaging, empowering and motivating everyone in the business to make the most of their potential and achieve success.

Through exploring the challenges and opportunities this brings with several law firms and other organisations we identified three steps to creating ‘Future Fit’ organisations to deliver high performance in uncertain times.

Step 1. Reflect

Look in the corporate mirror where is your organisation now and where does it want to be? What’s holding you back?

Step 2. Reset

Identifying your goals and actions to build the future organisation, what needs to be done!

Step 3. Re-build

Putting it into action and building the steps through facilitation, coaching and consultancy.

Starting with Step 1.

Reflect on the first step for your organisation…

· What challenges has your leadership faced or continue to face as we adapt to a different way of working?

· How would you define excellence in your ideal organisation culture?

· How do you compare now to your ideal?

· How important is it to close the gap?

Please get in touch via if you would like to find out more or to register your interest in joining Steve, Susan and I online on the 17th September where we will be exploring the steps to future fit organisations.

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